Peanut House Preschool


106 Creekwood Ave, Bowling Green, KY 42101
Telephone: (270)781-0690

our mission

For Children

We realize that during the work week, we have your child the majority of their waking hours. Our mission is to provide a safe, loving, educational environment as much like a home as possible. Our vision for your child is to help them reach their potential physically, emotionally, and educationally in a happy unstressed environment at their own pace.

For Parents
Our goal for parents is to provide information about your child's emotional and physical condition while at preschool, to involve parents with educational and fun activities to do with their child, to advise parents to correct agencies if needed, and to answer any concerns parents may have. Always feel free to call us to check up on your child.

our philosophy

Christian Environment
We say a non-denominational prayer at lunch and read non-denomintional bible stories to the children. We want to help children understand their feelings and to help them realize how their actions affect other children around them. We talk about having happy hearts - when we have happy hands, feet, and we are doing happy things for others. We believe that if our children have a safe nurturing, loving, environment combined with excellent guidance they will be able to reach their full potential.


Jeanette Brumley:

I attended Peanut House Preschool as a child over 25 years ago and I have great memories of being there. At the time I thought it was just fun to go there because some of my teachers, two of which are still there, Joni Butler and Judy Helm made learning so fun. I remember going on a Bear Hunt and learning to read with the Super Kids. Because of the reading skills I learned while I was there I had so much confidence in school and I was placed in the high reading group. My 4 year old currently goes to Peanut House and she is loving it just as much as I did.

Welcome to Peanut House Preschool

My name is Judy B. Helm. I am the owner & director of Peanut House Preschool. I started Peanut House Preschool in 1974. I had just completed my sophomore year of college. In 1974 you could open a legal kindergarten in the state of Kentucky after completing 60 college hours. I attended WKU in the mornings, taught kindergarten in the afternoons and worked at a drugstore evenings and weekends. In 1975, I added the 4 year old program on Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday. By demand in 1976, I added the 3 year old program on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I continued at WKU with night classes and weekend classes and working at the drugstore on available nights and weekends. Finally I graduated WKU in 1979 with a B.A. in Elementary Education grades 1st through 8th and a Kindergarten Endorsement. I also have my masters in school counseling.

I opened Peanut House Preschool at the current location in January 1979. Originally Peanut House Preschool was on the left side and I lived on the right side. I taught kindergarten, Joni Butler taught the 3 year old class (she is currently still teaching), Linda McCarty taught the 4 year old class for 25 years before retiring. I moved from Peanut House Preschool in the fall of 1986 to provide more room. I opened the 2 year old program at that time. I moved the kindergarten and school age to the right side of the building. The state of KY started a full day program for kindergarten. I then started focusing more on the 4 year old program. I have taught all ages 2-5 and school age. I am currently working with the 3 year old class and monitoring all the other classes.


STARS Accredited
We are accredited by the Kentucky Office of Inspector General. This is a minimal requirement for all child care facilities in the state of Kentucky. In addition, we are a STARS accredited school. STARS for KIDS NOW is Kentucky's voluntary quality rating system for Licensed type I, type II, and certified family child care homes. You can find out more information about STARS by visiting their website at We are a 2 star center this means we are 2 levels above the state's minimum. The score we received in 2010 had enough points to be a level 3, star however we did not have enough teachers that had a degree. In 2011 2 more teachers received their Commonwealth Child Care Credential. Our center employees combined have over 110 years of experience. To receive a level 4 we would have to do structural changes to the building. There are only 4 levels in the stars program.